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Let’s start at the very beginning

I suck at math. I’m not kidding. I really do. My last semester in undergrad — after rock starring in my Political Science major and killing it in my Spanish/French Lit minor (with long scarves and words pronounced straight from my belly) — I got a big, old, boring D

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In Recovery

I love the word recovery. It’s so imbued with meaning.  It says, “I was. I am this right now. I am becoming.” It says, “I did that. I’m working on it. I see a future where it’s better.” It says, “That was a mess. Now I’m on pause and taking in

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Today is the first day of the rest of your life

When I was in high school, I was friends with a Belgian foreign exchange student. She was super bohemian chic, with an air of indifference but super kind once you knew her, and we smoked cigarettes while listening on repeat to the French pop song “Ziggy”, about a forlorn, bisexual boy. She was there for only a semester

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The Gap

You know how I talk about being in THE GAP? THE GAP is the place where we are waiting for something… the text after that first date the lab results the exam grade the plane to land Sometimes THE GAP is big, like when you’re building your first business or

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“Say Yes” is my Dynamic tool

So much of DYNAMIC is about saying yes. We say yes to allowing our feelings. We say yes to where we are. We say yes to reaching for more even when afraid. We say yes to willingness. We say yes to the life experience.

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My Eyes

I was asked the other day if I was wearing colored contacts because my eye color had changed. I laughed. My answer was “No, I just started highlighting them.”

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Possibility is the magic of life! POSSIBILITY is what makes our life exciting, erotic, and alive. Possibility is expansion, freedom, and evolution. Trauma freezes our ability to see possibility without a dangerous future. Our work is to transmute trauma to bring back the field of all possibilities to all of us. This is R-Evolution.

One of the measures of moving from trauma into greatness is that you can identify what you need AND you can ask for it without the three tormentors: fear, guilt, and shame. Another measure is that you learn what you can give, what you prefer to give, and you can actually speak to it. Trauma rising is all about birthing and defining our preferences. In Dynamic, our authentic preference becomes simultaneously our boundary and our choice. Preference is choice, choice is possibility, and possibility is evolution.

When you get triggered, when you get anxious, when you feel overwhelmed, S.Y.A.D. – Sit Your Ass Down. At that very moment, you harness your power more by breathing, plopping down, and meditating in a corner rather than moving into action. S.Y.A.D is the highest action.

Inhale then Yesssssssssss-hale (aka exhale)

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Dynamic Emotional Intelligence

DYNAMIC specializes in an intensified version of E.I. because it hones in on what can seem like the supernatural ability to deeply and courageously feel our own feelings, acutely understand the feelings of others, and sense energies in a collective space.


The mechanical process of Humanity 101: observation, transmutation, transformation, and evolution. The accent just makes it fancy and fun.


What we do in Dynamic R-Evolutionize is alchemize. We partner in the transformation of a part of our lives that feels tragic, wounded, or ordinary and we collaborate in transforming it into something extraordinary.

Human Technology & Human Intimacy

What I understand as the intrinsic, intimate, and organic characteristics of our humanity that we use for connection, growth, and prowess. I apply my understanding of human technology and human intimacy across all topics and scenarios in the human journey. I merge them both into my back-to-basics approach, Humanity 101.

Colorful Person

A term I have given myself in a world full of dynamic, beautiful color. As a global Latina, I feel that the term “person of color” sets me apart, while Colorful person includes me in all the crayons in the box, along with my (our) essence, rhythm, movement, expressiveness, and passion.


How I describe when working in session or collaboratively to reshape an experience, a feeling, memory, or thought.

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