Claudia Cauterucci

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How To Let Your Soul Guide Your Next Career

In this Dynamic Conversation, bestselling author, publisher, and thought leader, Kayleigh O’Keefe and I discuss how to let your soul guide your next career move. We discuss: 
the difference between achievement and excellence and how to give yourself permission to make a shift;  what it looks and feels like to release the golden handcuffs of your current role and enjoy the process of new creation; the “wobbles” that come when you start moving in a new direction and how to navigate them; and how the Soul Excellence Leadership framework can help you navigate your next shift. Mostly, we thread it all with the significant role the soul and intuition have in guiding us to our next steps. 

How To Overcome the Fear of Going Public

In Maggie Langrick’s podcast, The Selfish Gift, we discuss the fear we face when we decide to uplevel and go public. This fear is normal and is embedded in humanity’s DNA since the start of time. Expansion and evolution are essential but can stir up quite a lot! If you are in this process, this episode is full of golden nuggets. Enjoy!

Meditating Through COVID-19

Activist, author, and public figure RIchard Fowler and I discuss the power of meditation during rising trauma activation the first year of the Pandemic. We give a taste of how to let go of the survival programs — such as the grasping for control, safety, and approval — which were on overdrive during this time.