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Dynamic Conversations

My Co-Authored Book, The Diversity in Humanity, is an Amazon bestseller!

Listen to this interview with Kayleigh O’Keefe, CEO of Soul Excellence Ventures and co-author of my book, The Diversity in Humanity, where we discuss our excitement around our book reaching best-seller on 8 separate Amazon categories, our love for humanity, our obsession for the phrase  “a priori”, and taking a sacred pause during these turbulent times. I also describe what it means to me to identify as a Colorful Person rather than a person of color. 

Listening, Curiosity, and the Hard Conversations

In this Dynamic Conversation, I am speaking with Christopher Michael who says, “We all like to think we’re good listeners, yet when we meet someone who truly listens, that’s the moment we finally feel seen.” When you meet Christopher Michael, you’ll understand what I mean by truly listening. Christopher is a professional coach with over 20 years of experience creating space for people to be themselves. As a hairstylist, he developed deep, personal relationships while sharing his perspective with his clients, yet he knew he had a deeper calling. He understands that language doesn’t just give us the ability to describe our experiences, it also has the power to shape them. Christopher uses his knowledge to understand himself better, and as a certified coach, he helps others do the same.

Empaths, EQ, & Responsibility & Putting Yourself in the Equation

This episode of Kristen Crockett’s The Plastic Couch Podcast features an incredible discussion between myself and Kristen, Intuitive Leadership Coach and founder of the Crockett Collective. Kristen and I are joined as Empaths and as co-authors of our best-selling book, “Diversity in Humanity” and in her podcast we navigate juicy topics around the responsibility and beauty of being an empath, what it is like to not fit the labels people place on you, and what it means to be a mindful parent.

How To Let Your Soul Guide Your Next Career

In this Dynamic Conversation, bestselling author, publisher, and thought leader, Kayleigh O’Keefe and I discuss how to let your soul guide your next career move. We discuss: 
the difference between achievement and excellence and how to give yourself permission to make a shift;  what it looks and feels like to release the golden handcuffs of your current role and enjoy the process of new creation; the “wobbles” that come when you start moving in a new direction and how to navigate them; and how the Soul Excellence Leadership framework can help you navigate your next shift. Mostly, we thread it all with the significant role the soul and intuition have in guiding us to our next steps. 

How To Overcome the Fear of Going Public

In Maggie Langrick’s podcast, The Selfish Gift, we discuss the fear we face when we decide to uplevel and go public. This fear is normal and is embedded in humanity’s DNA since the start of time. Expansion and evolution are essential but can stir up quite a lot! If you are in this process, this episode is full of golden nuggets. Enjoy!

Mediating through COVID 19

Richard Fowler, American Storyteller, contributor @FoxNews, and contributing writer @Forbes and I discuss the power of meditation during rising trauma activation the first year of the Pandemic. We give a taste of how to let go of the survival programs — such as the grasping for control, safety, and approval — which were on overdrive during this time.

Introducing the Trifecta

Meet Amanda Flaker, YouTube Influencer, New Earth Visionary, and Revolutionary Empath. Meet Dale Nieli, Los Angeles wisdom teacher, somatic healer, and yogi to L.A. celebrities. What I have in common with these astonishing women is that we are all Empaths! The three of us have spent hours weaving together our individual mind-body-spirit stories and we have concocted a well spring of over 75 years of combined experience, concepts, tools, processes, and movements to guide the wounded Empath into the land of resiliency, plenty, and empowerment. We will be hosting a monthly workshop so visit my Boutique for details. 

Highly Sensitive Boy, Toxic Masculinity, & the New Male Dynamic

Conversation is with Stephen A. Crockett Jr., Opinion Editor at HuffPost, playwright, and short story author. Stephen uses his own life as an example to talk about Toxic Masculinity, through the distinct perspectives of being a Black male as well as a highly sensitive boy — a true oxymoron for his generation. As an adult and father, Stephen finds himself in unchartered territory as he trailblazes the conversation about allowing empathy, sensitivity, and kindness to be the cornerstones of his emerging Self.

Love Languages, Emotional Intelligence, & Death

Kristen Crockett is and Intuitive Leadership Coach and the founder of The Crockett Collective. In this Dynamic Conversation, we have a full on chat about emotional intelligence, love languages, relationships and yes, even our relationship to the intensity, rollercoaster, and beauty of DEATH. The timing of my conversation with Kristen — recorded on 1/1/2021 — couldn’t be more precise as we start 2021 and let go of 2020.

Being a Pioneer, Woman, and Leader in the Green Movement

Esta Conversación Dinámica es con Gracia Maria Barahona, Economista y MBA de INCAE con enfoque en Desarrollo Sostenible. Actualmente es la Directora del Proyecto Ecobanking del INCAE Business School, reconocido globalmente como una de las universidades mas destacadas del mundo en el tema — asociada y comparada directamente con Harvard University — y clasificada como la mejor en la región LatinoAmericana. Además de eso, Gracia es una gran amiga de hace 40 años y la razón por la cual la entrevisté es porque sus actuales iniciativas están conectadas a un tema que me apasiona: la creación de nuestro “NUEVO MUNDO”.

From Clinical PTSD and Disembodiment to Self-Loving Empowerment

This Dynamic Conversation is with Kylar Dunn, creator of Intuitive Momentum Fitness (, author, personal trainer, and massage therapist. Most of you know that a central tenet of my work is the conviction that trauma can be transmuted into greatness. Kylar embodies this tenet and in this conversation you will hear about his personal journey of transforming his trauma into brilliance.

Merging Quantum Physics, Yogic Principles, & Breath Work

In this Dynamic Conversation, I speak with MaGustavo, a spiritual teacher who believes that we can live a Heaven-On-Earth daily experience by consistently reaching for our highest excitement and the highest version of ourselves on a feeling-by-feeling basis. MaGustavo explains that our entire existence is ENERGETIC and that it is through the process of becoming increasingly aware of our energetic field that we have access to higher and higher states of whole and complete spiritual embodiment. MaGustavo merges Quantum Physics, Yogic Principles, and concrete daily tools — like breath work — to achieve these higher states of consciousness and fulfillment.

Project I Am Thirteen

I call this my “Jerry McGuire” moment, when I nervously asked a group of parents if they would be willing to do a year-long ritual with me to commemorate our kids’ transition from childhood into adolescence as many cultures have done for centuries. They said yes! For an entire year we joined as a community and gifted our children with our shared knowledge as they turned 13. This is the Washington Post’s coverage of our year-long ritual, I AM THIRTEEN.