Claudia Cauterucci

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The Empath

Introducing “How to Leave the Narcissist” – the fast-action guide that will empower you to separate from a narcissistic relationship with clarity and confidence. Say goodbye to the constant self-doubt and emotional turmoil, and hello to a life of peace and self-trust!

Imagine waking up every day feeling free from the manipulations of a narcissist, knowing that your decisions are your own, and that you are capable of creating a life filled with joy and fulfillment.

This guide is not just an eBook – it’s your roadmap to mental health and freedom.


The Empath Leader

Are you an Empath?
The Empath Leader is a call to arms for the sensitive, heart-centered individuals among us to take their proper place as leaders of humanity.
If you’ve ever felt the intense tug of the world’s emotions or the deep call to heal yourself, this book will help you understand your innate gifts as an Empath and give you the awareness, tools, and anecdotes to boldly reclaim your power and lead the expansion of human consciousness.
In this groundbreaking book by renowned Empath expert Claudia Cauterucci and featuring co-authors Kayleigh O’Keefe, Carmen Berkley, Charles Martinez, and Felicia Ortiz, you will learn how to navigate the intense landscape of emotions, step out of the narcissistic paradigm, and lead with your heart full of empathy and strength.
Welcome to the dawn of Empath Leadership.

The Diversity in Humanity

This book offers a new vision for creating harmony in the workplace by sharing the personal stories of men and women who have deeply considered the concepts of diversity and inclusion in their own lives and leadership. Their perspectives put the individual heart—and healing—at the center of the conversation.