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Hi, I’m Claudia, and I believe that life is coming FROM you, not AT you.

I am a Washington, D.C. psychotherapist with 25 years of experience, having started my career in 1999 and established my own private practice in 2003. I am dedicated to helping you redesign your life. I call myself a Heaven on Earth coach, guiding you to create a life where you can experience Heaven on Earth, no matter your past. Through my Dynamic R-Evolution Curriculum, developed since 2010, I empower you to study the story you were born into and redesign it into the story you choose.

– For me, HEAVEN ON EARTH is defined as a coherent life experience that leads with the heart and engages the mind, body, and spirit.

It is replete with intention and threaded together by ever increasing moments of mindfulness.

It is committed to a calm central nervous system and devoted to bonds of adult secure attachment via mutual care and respect. 

And, as we rise into higher consciousness, it is an experience where we are more sensually in love with the dynamic life we are living now, on this earthly journey.

I coalesced 35 years of my psychospiritual journey into a multiphasic curriculum and community called Dynamic R-Evolution, in pursuit of this kind of Heaven on Earth. We do this via holistic healing, inspired by multidimensional learnings, and rooted in the belief that our personal R-Evolution directly heals others and the planet.

About Dynamic R-Evolution



We are in a massive planetary upheaval as old systems are falling and new systems are emerging. Following the pandemic, humans are in a psychological, spiritual, and scientific awakening that is unprecedented.

The veil of unconsciousness is lifting and center stage is the healing of   individual and collective trauma, i.e., my personal and professional jam! 

I passionately believe that the zeitgeist is offering us – on a silver platter – the opportunity to recreate our world starting with our own personal R-Evolution. 

The Dynamic R-Evolution Curriculum is a bridge that takes us: 

  1. from the pre-pandemic world we inherited to a new world configured by us,
  2. from the land of trauma surviving into the land of trauma rising, and, 
  3. from leveraging individual internal shifts to the creation of massive external transformations on the collective landscape. 

FIND YOUR WHY in this planetary redesign by starting with




Get a PhD on you with the Dynamic Meditation Method , a power-packed 2-day workshop with multiple takeaways and giveaways on self-healing, emotional regulation, and self-mastery.

This is for you who are in therapy and want to expedite your healing.

This is for you if you’re interested in self-exploration and healing but are not in therapy.

This is for you if  you want self-exploration, self-healing, and self-mastery but not psychotherapy.

Heal YourSELF, Heal the Planet


To learn adult bonds of secure attachment, we commit to not doing it alone. Wealth from Within a monthly psychospiritual roundtable of kindred spirits, Empaths, trauma risers, and Colorful People where we discuss what it means to have a prosperous life from multiple angles, disciplines, and perspectives. We actively “re-pair” and strengthen our abundance neural pathways. We intentionally connect our internal shifts with our external manifestations. We decree that all of us are worthy of a life that feels plentiful and provides inner tranquility.

Inner Journey, Outer Abundance 


The world needs some secure parenting right about now. The Empath Leader Training is a 12-week training for healing, advanced, and high functioning Empaths who want to study themselves and want to play a significant role in their life experience. In these chaotic times, we need leaders, guides, coaches, therapists, CEOs, artists, parents, and young adults who can help us find our place in this new planetary landscape.

The Times are Asking For You


Join me on my podcast, Heaven on Earth, where I speak with dynamic people from all walks of life about how they are enriching their lives and contributing with more healing, more intimacy, more solutions to create a world that harvests possibility. The podcast is meant as a self-loving, non-hierarchical space where everyone’s a protagonist and where your grain of salt matters.

A Portal to Possibility

The world needs your healing for its healing.
It’s all here in one place, for you.

Aka My Vocab

Dynamic Emotional Intelligence

DYNAMIC specializes in an intensified version of E.I. because it hones in on what can seem like the supernatural ability to deeply and courageously feel our own feelings, acutely understand the feelings of others, and sense energies in a collective space.


The mechanical process of Humanity 101: observation, transmutation, transformation, and evolution. The accent just makes it fancy and fun.


What we do in Dynamic R-Evolutionize is alchemize. We partner in the transformation of a part of our lives that feels tragic, wounded, or ordinary and we collaborate in transforming it into something extraordinary.

Human Technology & Human Intimacy

What I understand as the intrinsic, intimate, and organic characteristics of our humanity that we use for connection, growth, and prowess. I apply my understanding of human technology and human intimacy across all topics and scenarios in the human journey. I merge them both into my back-to-basics approach, Humanity 101.

Colorful Person

A term I have given myself in a world full of dynamic, beautiful color. As a global Latina, I feel that the term “person of color” sets me apart, while Colorful person includes me in all the crayons in the box, along with my (our) essence, rhythm, movement, expressiveness, and passion.


How I describe when working in session or collaboratively to reshape an experience, a feeling, memory, or thought.

This Makes My Heart Beat Faster

This Makes My Heart Beat Faster


“I appreciate the way Claudia bridges the clinical and the metaphysical in an all inclusive way that can be understood by people of all professional and cultural backgrounds, or faith traditions. I love the way she breaks down very complex sciences in a way that’s easy to understand. This workshop not only gave me the tools, but it also gave me reasons and inspiration to use the tools. Claudia lives what she teaches and just being in her energy and hearing her voice is soothing and healing.”


“Dynamic is the reason I got into meditation. It takes advantage of the quiet mind in order to go directly to the emotional knots that underlie the challenges we face and begin to untie them right then. It’s especially good for beginners because unlike other forms of meditation— may require weeks or months to yield benefits— the results with Dynamic are immediate. And even though I’ve since layered on other techniques, I always return to Dynamic because of how practical and portable it is for dealing with the here and now”


“I’ve been a member of the Dynamic community for 10+ years. I have so much admiration for Claudia and all that she has done to make meditation practical and accessible for so many. Dynamic has taught me to tap into the present moment for deeper awareness and the opening up of possibilities rather than being caught up in life’s crosswinds. I can connect with the present moment to access peace, calm, and direction. My life has unfolded in wondrous ways, both personally and professionally.”


“Claudia and Dynamic are transformational. They are revolutionary and life changing. I am walking proof. She gets to the core of the issue. She holds your hand. She’s right there with you because Claudia has done the work. Thanks to Dynamic I’m here. It’s only gonna get better because the work continues. Claudia always reminds me to trace the arc of where I’ve come from and the progress and the gains. It’s a lifesaver for me and my children. It’s setting my children up for a prosperous and abundant and self-loving and happier life than even I had as a kid.”


Claudia is pure magic and she has organized the information she shares so beautifully that it’s easy to understand. I love the training and the tools she uses are incredible. My heart just got restarted with so much information. It was like a reset, a respark, and a joy of living within me. Even the community that Claudia attracts is beautiful. You commune with other people that want to improve their lives. I would recommend this to absolutely anyone.”


“11 years ago I was extremely stressed — had a lot of anxiety. I attended one of Claudia’s workshops, where I even had a panic attack during the guided meditation. That’s when I knew I needed to do some internal work. I started doing Dynamic. Since then I became great at observing internally when I’m headed towards a negative place. I now immediately implement the tools. Now instead of GPSing negativity, my brain has been rewired to GPSing positivity.

Wealth from Within

Finally, a pyschospiritual monthly roundtable!

Think of  a mastermind group, workshop, therapy, spiritual journey, and seminar all wrapped in one! Wealth from Within is my one-stop psychospiritual gathering where we will explore, discuss, study, and ponder spiritual, scientific, pyschotherapeutic, and evolutionary concepts, all in the effort to understand our human SELVES. With tools, processes, and rituals, we will dislodge our blockages, learn to feel and harness our emotions, and make intentional decisions, all within a communal atmosphere. We can’t do this alone so we won’t.  My premise is that the balancing and managing of our inner world produces massive external shifts towards material and spiritual prosperity as a matter of course. Join me as a monthly subscriber if you are ready to get a Ph.D. on yourSELF and start walking into what I call the “Heaven on Earth” life! I propose that our personal R-Evolution redesigns a new world. 

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