Claudia Cauterucci

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Wealth from Within


a Psychospiritual Roundtable


Inner Journey, Outer Abundance

Shift your mindset and grow your abundance in this monthly psycho-spiritual roundtable!

Wealth from Within feels like a mastermind group, workshop, spiritual journey, and seminar all wrapped in one. It is a one-stop gathering where we explore, discuss, and study prosperity from a spiritual, scientific, psychological, and evolutionary perspectives all in the effort to live fully in our abundant human nature.

I am on a mission for the Heaven on Earth life and it starts inside of YOU.

With tools, processes, and rituals, we will dislodge our blockages, identify and heal emotions that keep us in lack, make intentional decisions that propel us towards abundance, all within a communal atmosphere. WE CAN’T DO THIS ALONE SO WE WON’T.

Balancing and managing our inner world produces massive external shifts towards material and spiritual prosperity as a matter of course.


We meet every second of the month to practice


Our specific intention is to find prosperity IN and WITH each other.


As within, so without; as above, too below; as the universe, so the soul.


It's not enough to know, we also need to know how.

Join a COMMUNITY that wants HOLISTIC HEALING, loves to learn MULTIDIMENSIONALLY, and believes that our personal DYNAMIC R-EVOLUTION has a direct impact on the healing of world.