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Pelvic Meditations, huh?!

May 29, 2023


I am known for my below-the-navel-into-your-hips-into-your-genitals-heavy-lower-body meditations! 

We begin, as in most traditional meditations, by taking deep breaths with the directive to calm the central nervous system, to non-judgmentally observe our internal state, and to come home to SELF . My next instruction is to send the breath down below the navel into the hips, pelvic floor, and genitals. 

Why is this important? 

What happens is that most folks live in the upper part of their body, ESPECIALLY EMPATHS. If we haven’t healed our foundation, if we haven’t detoxed our original programming (our childhood wounds and our limiting beliefs), our Spirit, our Soul, or our Energy — whatever you want to call our higher consciousness — can not find its home inside ourselves, cannot safely dock, and rather moves from our lower body into the top part of your body.

 It’s important because we are not anchored or centered inside ourselves, and we are susceptible to leaving our body to please and respond to others pretty much ALL OF THE TIME! In clinical psychology we call this disassociation, and in trendy language, it’s called ghosting…OUR OWN SELF! 

It feels off, misaligned, and overall hazy. Empaths, in particular, will abandon themselves and pay the price of deserting their centered well-being in order to harmonize the environment and to make sure everyone is ok — children will too btw…they will pay the price of never discovering themselves and contorting their needs and wants to make sure the adults in the room are happy. And thus, the cycle of a misaligned internal foundation begins and we live in the world like a wobbly Jenga game. 

When I ask people to literally breathe below their navel into their hips and genitals and to visualize each breath creating a heaviness in their lower body, it simultaneously cleanses old programming from our existential foundation — or  root chakra healing — while grounding us into ourselves (or Momma Earth, whatever provides the most belonging). c

Why do I specifically talk about breathing into the genitals? 

  1. Because it provides a visual (as well as many embarrassed giggles) of our flooring, our foundation, of the first layer before the adding of all the other top layers under which it’s buried — a legit wedding cake of familial, cultural, religious, cultural and racial blankets. 
  2. Because our mind learns quickly with visuals and imagining the root chakra nesting in our groin area, ready for cleansing and healing breaths, proves to work amazingly and swiftly. 
  3. Because it de-shames our beautiful genitals from cultural morės, from abuse, from ostracizing and separating them from any other part of our body, like our stomach, limbs, liver, and on. 
  4. Because we introduce them as the portal to the lower body and as the passageway to ground into the earth for belonging, comfort, safety, soothing, and stability — all root chakra components and requirements for living life as a securely attached human being. 

Yes, we giggle, yes it’s odd, yes, it may feel uncomfortable, but breathing into our lower body, depositing cleaning and self-loving breaths into the seat of our pelvis, acknowledging our genitals as a powerful site for healing, comfort, and belonging can be the start of amending our past and safeguarding a new future replete with worthiness. 


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