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The other day, a client’s husband said to her, “I wish I had had ClauSchool when I was younger” and that’s where this phrase come from. I love teaching. I love teaching as I learn. I love teaching what has worked for me. I love teaching and translating complex concepts into simple, applicable day-to-day processes and tools that help us ‘OTTÉ’ — observe, transmute, transform, and evolve. Below is my Dynamic R-Evolution curriculum.
You have options in order of cost, time, and levels. There truly is something for everybody, so mix and match! With over 13 years of teaching, my workshops, bootcamps, and meditations have helped hundreds of adults deepen and expand their self-healing and self-exploration practice. I believe that the committed work we do as individuals has a rippling impact on those around us and the planet we live in. We are creating a new world through our own personal R-Evolution.

Virtual Courses, Trainings, & Community

THE ABUNDANT EMPATH: Embodying a Life of Plenty

Presenting a unique and powerful collaboration to guide the wounded Empath into the land of resiliency, plenty, and empowerment. This is a one-day retreat.
Claudia Cauterucci

The dynamic R-evolution introductory workshop

This 4-week seminar is a self-healing modality created for anyone on a self-exploration journey. The Dynamic Meditation ToolKit is included. Payment Plan available.
Claudia Cauterucci


If you identify as an Empath and you’ve done long-term profound inner work, this 12-week training is for you. Up-level your presence everywhere. Payment Plan available.
Claudia Cauterucci

Inner Journey, Outer Abundance

This is a monthly roundtable. We focus entirely on the prosperity mindset and the belief that our internal world determines our sense of external wealth. It is a one-stop-shop where we study, explore, and discuss prosperity from a spiritual, psychological, scientific, and evolutionary perspective all in the effort to live fully and abundantly. We use the concepts, principles, and apply them throughout the month to anchor in a consistent mindset.

2nd Saturday of every month

Heal YourSELF, Heal the Planet

This is a power-packed 2-day workshop with multiple takeaways and giveaways. The Dynamic Meditation Method is an emotional calibration system that teaches you how to regulate feelings, from mild to intense, and to calm the central nervous system on the spot and in real time. You will have a portable and practical toolkit to serve you anywhere and anytime. It works particularly well for folks with ADHD, PTSD, and high anxiety. It includes two coaching sessions, 75 meditations, and a pre-recorded online masterclass.

The Times Are Asking For You

This is a 12-week training. When an Empath harnesses their sensitivity, understands internal and external boundaries, intentionally directs their intuition, they are naturally able to bring out exceptional leadership qualities that these times desperately need. The merging of high IQ and high EQ create a powerhouse leader. In this training, we thoroughly study your Empath characteristics and apply them as the gifts the planet is requiring at this very evolutionary juncture. This training requires ample self-exploratory and healing work prior to participating.
12-week-training/ March cohort & September cohort


The Dynamic Meditation Toolkit

Volume 1 for Beginner’s. The Dynamic Meditation ToolKit is an amalgam of  principles, practices, exercises, and meditation. Start your journey here and solidify your foundation. 

Claudia Cauterucci

The Dynamic Meditation Tunnel

Volume 2 for Intermediate. You are smack in the middle of your meditation and self-healing journey and spelunking through the tunnel of your deep work. This Volume includes Volume 1, the Dynamic Toolkit. 

Claudia Cauterucci

The Dynamic Meditation Treasure

Volume 3 for Advanced. Yes, you are here. Volume 1, The ToolKit, and Volume 2, the Tunnel leads you to the Treasure. All 3 volumes included. Reach for your highest and favorite version of yourself.  

Claudia Cauterucci


Wealth from Within: Inner Journey, Outer Abundance

A virtual psycho-spiritual-scientific monthly roundtable. Everyone welcome. Subscription
Claudia Cauterucci

The Empath Leader Mastermind Group


Claudia Cauterucci

Dynamic Community and Skills Group


Claudia Cauterucci


Declutter your mind with this bundle of 6 meditations.


Breathe and calm your central nervous system. Move from trauma surviving to trauma rising with this bundle of 7 meditations.


 When the love is complete, all problems are solved with this bundle of 7 meditations.