Claudia Cauterucci

The Gap

Jun 1, 2022


You know how I talk about being in THE GAP? THE GAP is the place where we are waiting for something…

the text after that first date
the lab results
the exam grade
the plane to land

Sometimes THE GAP is big, like when you’re building your first business or grinding through grad school or losing weight.

Sometimes THE GAP is short, like being stuck in traffic, or in the elevator when you just want to be home, or food delivery when you’re starving, or when you’re waiting for your toddler to get to sleep.

Sometimes THE GAP is brutal, like after a heartbreak, or fertility rounds, or grief after a death or divorce, or for many of the folks I work with, that raging anxiety that’s cursing through your body and you don’t know how to get relief. Oh yeah, or the 4 am wake-ups. Brutal.


So what do I propose? I propose a visual for THE GAP…especially since the mind works beautifully with images. Picture yourself in a completely empty room. In that room, you can crawl the walls with anxiety, you can curl up in the fetal and sob, you can binge on anything and everything…we get it…those are some options, the go-to options…

OR, as I say,

you can decorate while you wait!

What does that mean? It means we pull out our tool kit and we do the work while we wait. We ask ourselves if it’s about safety, control, or approval, we write down our NOW feelings, we press play on that YT meditation over and over, we move our body in all sorts of ways to get the energy out (and weird counts!), we do our YEShales….we fill that darn GAP with the work, first….because then, then then…oh beautiful then…

All of a sudden that work is effortless…it’s a habit….we are that daily meditator…we reach for calm easier…we know as a belief that ALL IS WELL…and the next thing we know is…

HECK, we start wallpapering THE GAP!!

We play 80’s music while we wait. We pull out our journal and write that lyric that’s been floating around in our head. We rummage our closet and finally declutter. We bake. We do Louise Hayes affirmations.

OTTÉ at its finest: observation, transmutation, transformation, and evolution (the accent is cute and fun).

And voilá, the gorgeous GAP.


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You know how I talk about being in THE GAP? THE GAP is the place where we are waiting for something… the text after that

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