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In this mind popping, soul expanding keynote, I posit that the fundamental precondition to high performance, corporate success, personal fulfillment, and planetary well-being is learning to effectively negotiate your internal world.


We need a do-over, folks! So much in our lives and on this planet has changed and shifted making us feel burned out or lost.

My take on leadership and business focuses on self-awareness as the central ingredient to sharpen decision-making and to guide towards optimal external results. I whole-heartedly believe — and so do Harvard University business experts these days— that whether you’re a corporation, small business, community, or family home, managing your internal world first is the precursor to high performance, a robust bottom line, and personal actualization, not to mention an overall increase in planetary consciousness! Be a forerunner by         R-Evolutionizing from the inside out.

What I do: I take all that I learned from my thousands (thousands!) of  psychological, scientific, and spiritual individual/group sessions and I apply it to what happens in your home, organization, and on the planet. My expertise is based on the premise that there is an organic, creative loop between the individual and the collective. Don’t feel surprised that when you raise your own consciousness, you are impacting and up-leveling humanity. The butterfly effect is no joke and and oh yeah, thank you Quantum Physics!

What you’ll do: You will learn my approach, Humanity 101 – an amalgam of our basic human technology and our sublime human intimacy – to R-Evolutionize what’s happening in your workplace, your relationships, and your life.

Let’s R-Evolutionize innovation by fine tuning authenticity. Human intimacy is at the very heart of authenticity. Authenticity is the new human so let’s get on that wave now!

Your employees are burnt out at best or leaving in the Great Resignation at worst. You’ll discover that the foundation of your corporate life — YOUR HUMANS — are your most essential asset, your ticket to an exponential bottom line, and they (and you) have all the technology required to keep and grow the flow of customers. 

What if we R-Evolutionize your business by — very simply — getting your creative juices going and showing you all the ways that good business is like good sex! Intrigued? That’s exactly how your customers will feel! Use human intimacy to explode your business. 

Get a completely new way of addressing this very worn, tired, and difficult subject and make it feel fresh and alive again. As a person of color, or Colorful person, as I call myself, you will see that my deep understanding, study, and R-Evolutionizing of the subject birthed a way to authentically engage EVERYONE in the crayola box.

By the end, you’ll understand ways to:

  • Look at how we did things in the past and how that’s radically changing
  • Manage the present because it’s feeling wobbly at best and collapsing at worst
  • Design the future because it’s at these re-set points that exponential opportunity for growth is available
  • Use my Humanity 101 approach with a toolkit included

Keynote, training, or workshop formats, I got you.

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