Claudia Cauterucci

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Your R-Evolution Creates our Heaven on Earth

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Claudia’s Short Bio

Claudia Cauterucci is a multilingual, multicultural psychotherapist, international speaker, author, and creator of the Dynamic R-Evolution curriculum and community. She is passionate about training Empath Leaders for this emerging new world and identifies as a Colorful Person, a term she uses to express her unique identity. Claudia resides in Washington, D.C., a city she adores, with her son John and her beloved long-haired Akita, Chance.

Claudia’s Long Bio

Psychotherapist and bestselling author Claudia Cauterucci is internationally recognized as an intuitive, trauma-informed speaker and founder of her  unique psycho-spiritual curriculum, Dynamic R-Evolution. She inspires trauma survivors, empaths, public figures, creators, and entrepreneurs towards getting what she calls “a PhD on themselves”.

Multilingual and multicultural, she helms a psychotherapy practice in Washington, D.C., and provides a 12-week leadership training for C-Suite, creatives, and influencers called The Empath Leader, a program she specifically created in response to post-pandemic socio-political shifts and places the Empath in a prominent role.

Claudia is also the host of her podcast Heaven on Earth where she highlights the ways her guests are adding dynamic solutions, intimacy, and healing towards the evolution of our planet. Claudia identifies as a Colorful Person rather than a person of color. Learn more about Claudia and the Dynamic R-Evolution Movement at or by following @claudiacauterucci_ on Instagram and YouTube

Speaker  Introduction

What do you get when you combine intuition + color + fire? The Colorful Claudia Cauterucci.

Claudia is a multilingual, multicultural psychotherapist, international speaker, author, and creator of the psycho-spiritual movement, Dynamic R-Evolution.

From clinical to astral, Claudia helps you safely navigate your internal world and helps you build a multidimensional bridge to your external world, which she believes are one and the same.

With nearly 40,000 one-on-one clinical and coaching hours rooted in spiritual-science-clinical-studies, Claudia ignites the world with passionate deep dives, intense healing from ancestral trauma, dynamic rising with greatness, into what she calls your Heaven on Earth life.

Join me in welcoming Claudia Cauterucci!


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