Claudia Cauterucci

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Giving and Receiving

On the soulful and non-judgemental match between Dynamic Meditation and 12-step programs

At the core of what I’ve learned in Dynamic is that self-knowledge is happiness and happiness is the quiet mind and for me, who is living a life of sobriety, it’s extremely important…and Claudia does a great job in making us 12-steppers feel more than comfortable here. This class has taught me that I can be unafraid of myself now.

12 minutes of pure love about The Empath Leader from best selling author and Soul Excellence Ventures CEO, Kayleigh O'Keefe

I was really looking for a way to show up as a leader in a way that’s didn’t look like just everything we’ve seen come before. I was looking for a real elevation in both my personal and business relationships. From the very first recording and group meeting and first insight that Claudia shared it suddenly unlocked so much for me and it made everything that I’d experienced throughout my career, life, and journey from being a corporate executive to stepping out as an entrepreneur….it made so much make sense!

What makes Dynamic feel so different than other programs

Claudia does the work for herself first and makes Dynamic her own practice — it is infused with her energy!

I use Dynamic for everything

I use it on everything. I use it on work issues, friend, issues, family issues. It’s portable. It’s easy. I do this while I’m driving. I do it while I’m gardening. I do it while I’m at the gym. Thank you Claudia for giving me a lifelong gift that I will always cherish, and can take with me wherever I go in this world

I feel closer to GOD

These tools that [Claudia] has compiled will absolutely allow someone to experience that which is Greater

Dynamic Meditation is so portable

One of the many things that I love about Dynamic Meditation is how portable it is. Sometimes I go through phases where I am able sit down on a regular basis where I am able to sit down on a regular basis and spend time meditating, but more often I’m listening to recordings of Claudia and her meditations while I’m taking a walk or while I’m driving or doing other things that allow me to focus on some of the tools that I’ve gained through Dynamic Meditation but without having to necessarily set aside time from my busy day to do my meditations

Dynamic rewires the brain toward positivity

[Dynamic] has become a part of my daily life…instead of GPSing negativity, my brain has been rewired to GPS positivity. I highly recommend Dynamic for anyone who is looking to reduce their stress and improve the overall quality of their lives.

Dynamic impacts personally and professionally

Rather than being caught up in life’s crosswinds more often than not, I can connect with the present moment to access peace, calm, and direction. …. my life has unfolded in wondrous ways-both personally and professionally.

The Empath Leader Training yields clarity, comfort, and confidence

The impact of the Empath Leader training has been profound! It has provided me with clarity, discomfort, and with confidence! … the Empath Leader training helped me to recognize my gifts. And the fact that I am able to read between the lines; that I feel first, that I sense what’s going on, and that it is now my responsibility to really speak to those feelings.

On Working with Claudia

Claudia is unique because she meets people where they are and takes them to where they need to go. Dynamic Meditation is a bit of an eclectic amalgam of different traditional meditation techniques with this very brilliant addition that’s all Claudia. What’s different about it is that it provides this is very safe container for exploring very difficult emotions and triggers. One of the things I love about Claudia is that she helps me get clarity; she helps me to declutter my mind, and leads me to be more creative in my work and daily life. It has helped me to be a better mom, a better wife, a better entrepreneur.

Dynamic Meditation is for real life moments

I think dynamic meditation is portable because it is a simple concept. When I’m anxious about the situation, or feeling a little bit of anger about something, I can always ask myself, “well, is this about safety, control, or approval?”, and I can let it go…. It also helps me be more intentional when I go into potentially stressful or stress producing situations like a big presentation, or presenting a workshop, or holiday dinner…

The Empath Leader Training is the gift that keeps on giving

All of my life I have been a sensitive soul taking on all energies around me, so I thought to myself, how could I possibly morph those qualities into a leadership role? That is Claudia’s genius!…. she will help you recognize your own genius during this four-month training. She will help you unpack and peel those layers that may be holding you back.

Dynamic re-sparks the joy of living

It was actually almost like getting restarted by a defibrillator. My heart restarted… It was like a reset, a re-spark for the joy of living within me! Even just the community that Claudia attracts is beautiful! To be in communion, to be in connection with other quality people that are wanting to improve their lives, and know the value of creating some space, and some time to make that a reality; knowing that this time that is spent actually really improves work, relationships – just overall enjoyment of life. I would recommend this to absolutely anyone!

From one psychotherapist to another

I especially appreciated the way that Claudia bridges the clinical and the metaphysical in an all inclusive way that can be understood by all people of all professional backgrounds, all cultural backgrounds, all faiths traditions. The content is very relatable in the workshop – both on a personal level and with regards to current events. It not only gave me tools, but it gave me reasons and inspiration use the tools…. Its definitely not something that I have to go back and study. The concepts that were presented just stuck with me!

On the Empath Leader Training

…. it has transformed my life. It has transformed how I feel about my leadership; how I feel about myself and my connection to others. I see my connection to others and my leadership as divine. Meeting every single week…. with this very intimate but dynamic group of people was certainly heartfelt, but it also allowed for me to learn that there are people that are across this world that actually share a similar value set but do completely different things. And then having the opportunity to continue work with Claudia on a one-on-one basis to go a layer deeper into who I am, what type of leader am I and where do I need to unleash my own powers.

On what makes Dynamic Meditation special

… it’s a technique that takes advantage of the Quiet Mind in order to go to directly to the emotional knots that underly the challenges we face and begin to untie them right then and there. It’s an especially good technique for beginners because unlike many other forms of meditation which may require weeks or months to yield benefits, the benefits of Dynamic Meditation come immediately because you’re taking on whatever you’re facing right now.

On how Dynamic helped with health issues

I don’t have to be in the trenches suffering, and this wisdom made a difference because I have had significant health challenges due to stress. The workshop validates my absolute need for meditation because it gives me the power to see all the possibilities.