Claudia Cauterucci

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Dynamic R-Evolution

FINALLY, a practical and portable self-regulating method that has a ripple effect on your self-healing and the healing of those around you: DYNAMIC R-EVOLUTION.

On a morning in 2009, I woke up from a dream that spelled the word “DYNAMIC” across the length of my forehead in all caps and neon colors.

A process or a system characterized by
constant change, activity, or progress

The non-verbal but clear message that marks most dreams was that it was time to gather and organize the best of all my tools, techniques, processes, and procedures that I had used over the years for my own self-exploration, self-healing, and self-expansion. In 2010, this became the DYNAMIC MEDITATION METHOD.

A person positive in attitude and full of energy and new ideas

The DYNAMIC MEDITATION METHOD converges and translates spiritual, psychological, scientific, and neuroscientific concepts into everyday language and it serves as an “on-the-go” practical and portable tool.

A force that stimulates energetic change

I originally designed DYNAMIC for my folks with PTSD, high anxiety, and repetitive negative self-talk, and for whom any form of silence or “going inside” was highly triggering. I knew that when in the middle of a panic attack or when they were hijacked by PTSD, what was always most helpful was an actual grounding technique to stabilize the eruption and provide some semblance of a future, even if the future just meant feeling calm 10 minutes away.

A life not stuck in one spot but rather constantly growing, changing, evolving, and advancing

After expediting healing for literally hundreds of folks

After attracting people from all walks of life who had never been on a healing or spiritual journey

After turning folks on to meditation practices

After showing, beyond a doubt, that you can become a daily meditator, find a stable emotional baseline above survival, and catapult you into your next stage of evolution


This method helps regulate feelings
from mild to intense
on the spot and in real time.

Dynamic R-Evolution is based on the premise that our individual self-healing creates a ripple effect onto others and the planet. HEAL THIS, EMERGING WORLD BY HEALING YOURSELF.

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