Claudia Cauterucci

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Claudia On Retreat

“Listen, there’s a hell of a good universe next door — let’s go!” — e.e. cummings

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On retreat, I provide:

  • Guided meditations.
  • Group dialog facilitation, especially where negotiations or interpersonal processing is a focus. Whenever the relationships between group members matters and deep work is being done, I am a valuable asset to this work because I facilitate creating the container of safety and trust required.
  • One on one emotional / spiritual support for participants as they process what comes up and move outside their comfort zone.
  • Support for retreat leaders, providing an energetic counterbalance and allowing you to focus on program delivery.
“Claudia brings an anchoring presence to any group, creating safety and connection. This allows retreat participants to take emotional and creative risks and freely explore their ideas and feelings, knowing that they’re in a safe place. She does this through guided meditations, interpersonal connection, and insightful, compassionate reflection. Any retreat or workshop that includes encouraging participants to get outside their comfort zone will benefit from having Claudia’s gentle, steady presence. By supporting participants in this way, Claudia is also a support to facilitators. As an experienced psychotherapist and intuitive spiritual guide, Claudia is able to tend to the unpredictable needs of students that may bubble up, through dialog, energy healing or prayer, allowing them to go deeper in their work, and allowing you to remain focused on delivering your program to the group as a whole.”
— Maggie Langrick,
Writer and Publisher, Wonderwell Press